jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011


Toycamera Analogcolor is a photo editting application you can use to retouch your photos in a very easy way. You can make your photos taken with a simple digital camera appear like analog and put vintage effects. My friend recomended it to me and I adore it! It's an application you can use easily, not like photoshop, which is a great application but pretty hard to use. I recomend it to those people who like putting vintage effects in their photos. You won't regret it! I like retouching photos though i'm not very good at it. Here are some samples made by me:

My baby, Lynden

 The view of Barcelona from Montjuïc.

Cathedral in London, near the Buckingham Palace. (forgot the name xp) 

Another Cathedral in London, near Big Ben. (forgot the name as well xp)

Ahies xoxo

So tomorrow's the last day of the year! Can't believe it..this year went so fast..! I can't really say this has been the best year of my life, but i did have good times! I had ups and downs, of course, but i guess this has been the year which i met quite a lot of people and made new friends. I kinda realised who are the ones that really appreciate me and the ones that don't. I got closer with some of my friends and the opposite. The thing that i hated the most this year is that..I've become lazier! But like..LAZIER, I can't help it..! I can't concentrate on anything, I just feel like i do nothing everyday! I know I can do more but I don't..So I guess my New Year's resolution is to become a less lazy person and be more productive in everything, put effort in everything I do, haha! Advance Happy New Year! :D

Ahies xoxo


So I finally decided to make a blog! I had to think it quite a few times since I already have tumblr.., but bah!  I'm kinda new in this but I guess its similar to tumblr. I have nothing to really say!lol I may be updating in english and sometimes in spanish, I guess it'll depend of my mood..! I'm gonna be posting about random things, it'll depend of my mood as well, i guess..!lol! This will be kinda my diary.

Ahies xoxo