martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Best way of starting the year

And we're finally in 2012! Belated Happy New Year! Couldn't online these past days..been doing some work and had family dinners. This year's celebration's been the worst? I don't know, it's just that it didn't feel like the pasts years. Plus I'm starting to worry a lot because I have to submit a project on the 13th of this month and I haven't finished it yet! I still have to retouch it and the most important part of it isn't finished yet.. I need help, but the person I'm asking to help me doesn't answer my messages..I also haven't finished all my homework and I have tons of it! I'm not saying that I'm not happy that those friends of ours from London came here to spend the holidays, but because of that I couldn't finish my homework last week, I had to be with them all the time, helping them to move around the city because nobody could. I feel like I've wasted a whole week. I could have finished my homework and right now I would be finishing my project..! I shouldn't be blaming on them since its my fault for not finishing it before, but that person who'd told me that was going to help me if I needed something is ignoring all my messages.. :'(

The best way to start the year, innit? Anyways, I just hope everyone had a wonderful New Years celebration. I have a feeling that this year's is going to be veeeery hard.. I better be off now and try to finish everything i have to do!

Ahies xoxo

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